Take a step back in time

Caradoc again welcomes you and your Classic Vehicle to join us on the banks of the River Wye and as in 2015, Brightwells Classic Motoring is proud to sponsor this display. If you have a car or motorcycle registered prior to 1970 come and join us.

Entry is free for you and your passenger in your car, or for you on a motorcycle. We had good reports from last year’s entrants and hope to build on that success.

If you are just a visitor come and spend time kicking wheels and talking to the owners and dreaming of what you may wish to own, or in many cases did own and kicked yourself for having sold it all those years ago. You never know – something you fancy may just be for sale and so drive home in a car you didn’t come to the Fair in!

Entry forms download here. Classic Cars please note that you may now arrive up until 9.00am.